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AstroNova is one of the world’s leading suppliers of real-time telemetry recorders and data acquisition systems. For decades, the company has introduced technological innovation to the industry. From the early days of galvo-based pen recorders to today’s digital storage systems, AstroNova has strived to improve the way in which our customers view, acquire, and print their data.

Everest X-HSR

The Everest X-HSR (High Security, Rackmount) is a powerful rackmount recording platform designed for the unique demands of aerospace testing. With up to 32 input channels, a high resolution 18” display, superb quality chart output and Virtual Chart data capture, the Everest X is ideal for applications such as flight testing, missile testing, flight simulation and satellite telemetry. The Everest X-HSR includes a removable hard drive shuttle for securing classified data.

Everest X-HS

The Everest X-HS has the same feature set as the Everest X-HSR in a portable enclosure. The Everest X -HS is designed specifically for use on your benchtop or in a roll cart, with carry handles that make it convenient to transport.

Everest X-HSK

This version of the Everest X includes removable drives and is ideally suited for customers requiring removable media in a commercial-off-the-shelf package.

Dash 18XR-HS

The Dash 18XR-HS is the high security rackmount version of our popular Dash 18X data acquisition recorder. It features universal inputs, a built-in display for real-time data viewing and a sample rate of 100 kHz per channel to hard drive as well as removable, lockable hard drive shuttles for securing classified data.

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