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Astronics Test Systems (formerly EADS North America Test and Services) products are developed in various test instrumentation architectures, including VXI, PXI and LXI-based platforms. VXI is ideal for large-scale military automatic test equipment systems with long-term support requirement and PXI is suited for commercial systems with shorter-term life.

LXI (LAN Extensions for Instrumentation) incorporates the open-architecture advantages of Ethernet and is the current and future standard for test and measurement. Astronics Test Systems markets some of the industry’s most respected brands: Racal Instruments™, Talon Instruments™ and Tabor Electronics

Modular Instrumentation

Programmable products carrying the Racal Instruments™ brand use both IEEE-STD-488 GPIB and VXIbus (VMEbus Extensions for Instrumentation) standards for modular systems. Racal Instruments was one of the five founding members of the VXIbus Consortium that developed the VXIbus specification expressly to meet the requirements of the test instrumentation industry.

Today Astronics Test Systems offers one of the largest selections of VXIbus hardware and software available from any supplier, as well as a wide range of ANSI standard and platform-independent instrumentation.

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