Calibration and metrology training from Fluke can help you and your staff become more knowledgeable in a wide variety of disciplines. Register for an upcoming Fluke Calibration training events and take the next step to maximize your investment.

Electrical calibration

MET-101 Basic Hands-On Metrology

Popular four-day “how to” workshop that introduces basic measurement concepts, basic electronics related to measurement instruments and math used in calibration.

Exercises with calibration equipment demonstrate techniques used to make proper measurements.

Course number TRC 1101. Starts Mondays.

MET-301 Advanced Hands-On Metrology

Powerful four-day workshop that introduces the student to advanced measurement concepts and math used in upper echelon calibration labs and primary standards labs. Exercises in the course demonstrate techniques for making proper high precision measurements using reference standards.

Course number TRC 1301. Starts Mondays.

MET-302 Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty

This three-day course will introduce the students to basic measurement uncertainty concepts, concentrating on development of uncertainty budgets. These concepts may be applied to all aspects of measurements.

Course number TRC 1302. Starts Tuesdays.

CLM-303 Effective Cal Lab Management

This dynamic four-day course is focused on the challenges facing cal lab managers today. In this class, you will learn how to improve operating efficiency of your cal lab, understand the fiscal aspect of management, comply with various international standards and more.

Course number TRC 1015. Starts Mondays.

MC-205 Calibration Asset Management

The five-day course on Asset Management uses the calibration software database for generating reports, data collection and to consistently and completely manage your metrology assets. Learn to use Fluke Calibration software to its fullest potential including data validation and powerful searching, sorting and reporting.

Course number TRC 1205. Starts Mondays.

MC-206 Basic MET/CAL® Procedure Writing

In the five-day Basic Procedure Writing course, you will learn to configure MET/CAL software to establish and maintain traceability, create and edit calibration procedures, and customize the format of reports and calibration certificates. The majority of the class time is spent in hands-on development of MET/CAL procedures and reports.

Course number TRC 1206. Starts Mondays.

MC-207 Advanced MET/CAL® Procedure Writing

This five-day in-depth course is for experienced MET/CAL programmers who wish to enhance their procedure writing skills. Students will focus on the use of instrument communication with the IEEE, PORT, VISA, MATH and LIB FSCs, the use of memory registers in procedures, and will create a complex procedure using live instrumentation.

Course number TRC 1207. Starts Mondays.

Temperature calibration

Temperature Calibration Product Training

A three-day hands-on walk through the tools of the trade including calibration baths, dry-block calibrators, calibration software, and precision digital thermometers. This course is for those who want to be proficient at using temperature calibration equipment and get the most out of their investment.

Course number TRCT 9355-2.

Principles of Temperature Metrology

A three-day introduction to temperature metrology covering: ITS-90 principles, traceability, thermometry, calibration systems, measurement techniques, uncertainty budgets, quality assurance and more. This is a metrology training course with a good mix of hands-on for technicians, metrologists, and engineers who need to validate or refresh their knowledge of temperature metrology, as well as those who may be new to temperature calibration.

Course number TRCT 9355-1.

Infrared Temperature Metrology

A three-day training course with plenty of hands on experience in infrared temperature metrology with topics including: emissivity, size of source effect, background temperature, spot size, plates vs. cavities, alignment, and uncertainty budgets. This is a calibration training course for calibration technicians, engineers, metrologists, and technical experts who are beginning or sustaining an infrared temperature calibration program.

Course number TRCT 9355-4.

Advanced Topics in Temperature Metrology

A three-day course for those who really need to get into the details covering:

ITS-90 calibration, process design, curve fitting, uncertainty analysis, and advanced procedures for reducing uncertainties. This is a metrology training course for technical experts, metrologists, and engineers in primary and secondary temperature calibration laboratories who would like to validate, refresh, or expand their understanding of some key advanced topics in temperature metrology.

Course number TRCT 9355-3.

Pressure and flow calibration

Gas Flow Calibration Using molbloc/molbox™

A four-day practical training course in the operation and maintenance of a Fluke Calibration molbloc/molbox system. The course’s central objective is to assure optimum system use. Course enrollment is typically limited to eight participants per class. This course is conducted at the Fluke Calibration facility in Phoenix, AZ, but can also be arranged at remote locations.

Course No. TRN-FLW-BAS.

Setting Up and Using COMPASS® for Pressure Software

A four-day comprehensive course on the setup and operation of COMPASS for Pressure Calibration Management Software. The course starts with an overview of COMPASS for Pressure objectives, general principles and structure. Attendees are then led through various aspects of COMPASS setup and operation from creating and running simple tests to the use of advanced devices under test, advanced tests and macros. Actual, real time examples are run and attendees follow along on their own hardware.

Course number TRN-COMPASS-PRS.

Advanced COMPASS® Macro Training

A two-day hands on course that covers macro implementation in COMPASS for Pressure and COMPASS for Flow. The course begins with an overview of COMPASS macros, and when and how to use them. The course then accelerates to include hands on VBScript coding and using the COMPASS object model to solve calibration problems. Live practical examples are used during the course. Attendees are encouraged to have a known calibration problem that will require a macro before the class begins.

Course number TRN-COMPASS-ADV.

Principles of Pressure Calibration

A five-day training course on the principles and practices of pressure calibration using digital pressure calibrators and piston gauges (pressure balances). The class is designed to focus on the practical considerations of pressure calibrations. The topics begin with the fundamental physics of pressure, moves through metrological terminology, discussion on calibration principles, piston gauge fundamentals, and a discussion on the day-to-day issues that can influence the quality of a calibration. A focal point of the class is hands-on calibration exercises.

Course number TRN-PRS-BAS.

Advanced Piston Gauge Metrology

A five-day course focusing on the theory, use and calibration of piston gauges and dead weight testers. Students will become familiar with all variables of the piston gauge pressure equation, operational characteristics of a piston gauge, the use of ancillary instruments that are used with a piston gauge, and how to maintain and calibrate the piston gauge metrological elements. Hands on exercises are stressed in this course such as calibrations of transfer standards including high precision quartz bourdon tube gauges, crossfloating dead weight testers and crossfloating to determine the effective area of piston-cylinders.

Course number TRN-PRS-ADV

For more information, download the PDF, or visit the training section of Fluke’s website.

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