Fluke Calibration has brought together the pioneering metrology companies of Fluke Precision Measurement, Datron, Hart Scientific, DH Instruments and Ruska to form one metrology company. With that kind of heritage, innovation is in our DNA. Best practices are reviewed periodically and selected to become standard work across the business. As part of that process, Fluke metrology associates evaluated the calibration certificates and reports used by the various brands, and they developed a new standardized calibration certificate and report template. When these associates saw an opportunity to use new technology to benefit the metrology community, they took it.

This application note shares the new format for the calibration certificate for products manufactured and serviced by Fluke Calibration.

You will see a sample of the new certificate and learn:

Identifying the need for a standard certificate format

Flukeā€™s newly acquired calibration businesses were allowed to operate independently at first. In 2010 the various product groups were united under a Fluke Calibration brand. The new brand symbolizes our goal to coordinate programs and operations to make it easier and more efficient for customers to interact with the company.

The metrology team is no exception. Associates from the various calibration laboratories took a close look at the different ways each lab operated, with a goal of standardizing on best practices that make it easy and efficient to deliver the best services to our customers. As part of that exercise, the team identified a need to standardize on calibration labels and certificates. Standardizing these materials would allow each lab to deliver a high quality product more efficiently. It would also help to provide a common experience to customers who interact with more than one lab.

How to be innovative with a calibration sticker

The Fluke metrology associates who designed the new report template found that some customers preferred calibration stickers to be affixed to the calibration report and others preferred the sticker placed on the calibrated instrument. To solve this problem, the metrology associates determined that they could print the sticker on the report in a way that would allow the customer to peel it off and place it on the instrument if that was their preference.

view the official pdf from Fluke here: New Format for Fluke Calibration Certificates of Calibration

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