Go from Field-to-Lab-to-Report with the ObserVR using the familiar VibrationVIEW software interface.

Vibration Research introduces the ObserVR a Portable Data Acquisition and Analysis Recorder.

VR ObserVR

ObserVR Features Include:

  • USB Connection
  • Streams data to the laptop/PC’s hard drive
  • Four (4) simultaneous A/D channels for high resolution
  • IEPE inputs accepted and powered with a 4mA current source
  • Up to 52 kHz sampling rate per channel
  • Includes Analyzer software capabilities
  • Optional software includes:

    • RecorderVIEW
    • Random Import
    • Fatigue Damage Spectrum (FDS)
    • Shock Transient Capture
    • SRS (Shock Response Spectra)

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