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SMA is pleased to offer flexible leasing programs through our partner, Alliance Capital Corporation ( Since 1994 Alliance has excelled in delivering simple, fast and cost effective financing programs to its clients. They help businesses get the equipment and technology needed to drive revenue and profits. Through a special partnership with SMA and its affiliated companies, they provide SMA’s customers with exceptional financial terms and the ability to utilize industry leading equipment.

Financing can help to strengthen your financial position by enhancing your balance sheet and saving cash reserves for other business needs. You are also able to bundle soft costs such as training and support right into your financing package.

Why lease?

What products are included?

Flexible alternatives
Capital leases. Pay for the product over twelve to sixty months and purchase it at the end for $1.
Operating leases. Return the equipment for credit at the end of the term or continue leasing for additional months.
Deferred payments. Allows you to begin using equipment before you’ve paid anything for it.
Step payments. Set future payments higher or lower depending on your budgeting needs.

How it works
Simply determine with your SMA sales engineer the products; then go on-line at to complete an online application with Alliance Capital Corp. After they help you get the lease in place, SMA will ship the product directly for immediate use.

Case Study:
Company: A third-party calibration services provider with just over 80 employees offering field and lab calibrations for temperature and eight other disciplines.

Increased workload and demand for improved uncertainties justifies an investment in an additional 5520A calibrator with MET/CAL® software and a support plan.

The payback is clearly there, but cash is tight and financing not readily available.
Lease transaction: The Company completed the transaction via a leasing program, including the backup service and support. The total amount was $63,000 over 36 months. Their monthly payment was $2,026.

The customer was able to leverage their capital expense budget and take tax benefits for the amount of the purchase—$63,000—this year, as the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” has officially extended the Section 179 Deduction increases through December 31, 2013.

Acquire the equipment and services you need now!

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For more information regarding our Finance Programs contact Mike Shaw at 877-406-3222 or email

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