Environmental Test



In partnership with ETS Solutions and area representatives, CVMSL offers a broad range of vibration testing equipment to a global base of customers.

Equilam NA


Since 1987, Equilam has been a recognized leader in the worldwide corrosion testing industry supplying state of the art baths and chambers for UV, Gravelometer, Salt Spray (CASS, CCT, ACCT), Saturated Humidity and Immersion. With our expansion into the North America, we continue this path providing our customers dependable corrosion testing equipment and corrosion testing[ READ MORE >>> ]

Espec North America


ESPEC environmental test chambers create temperature & humidity extremes in chambers from benchtop to driveā€“in. Standardization allows ESPEC to concentrate on quality construction and innovative designs. Many of the environmental test chambers built include optional features or customization to exactly fit the customer’s application.

ETS Solutions


ETS offers affordable, high quality vibration test equipment. Utilizing extensive and innovative technical expertise ETS delivers a reliable long term solution to meet your test requirements.

Fluke Electronics


Get the data you want – where, how and when you want it. Fluke gives you a broad choice in data acquisition for process monitoring and laboratory test systems. You can choose a stationary or portable data logger. Transfer data to internal memory, to a removable memory card, or to your PC. Choose a standalone or distributed networked units. And you can expand your system from 20 to 1,000+ channels, depending on the series.



Qualmark has continuously been the largest manufacturer of accelerated reliability test equipment worldwide since pioneering the technology in the early 1990s. Our patented HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) chamber systems are recognized as one of the fastest and most effective disciplines for design reliability testing and production screening for[ READ MORE >>> ]



Spectracom is a leading provider of precise positioning, navigation and timing solutions that leverage GPS/GNSS signals.

Vibration Research


Vibration Research designs and manufactures leading edge vibration control systems for electrodynamic and servohydraulic shakers. Since 1995 Vibration Research Corporation has become a pioneer in the industry and a leader in the field of vibration control. Our success is based on reliable, user friendly software packages for vibration control. Today, we continue to focus on this objective. Our reputation for quality and superior performance is the foundation of everything we do.

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