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Your designer, manufacturer and supporter of Rugged UPS Power Protection Solutions serving a wide range of defense and industrial applications around the globe.

Thousands of people everyday use rugged double conversion UPS solutions made by IntelliPower. It could be a Bulk Mount UPS onboard a Navy Ship in the Indian Ocean, a Transit Case UPS with an External Battery Module protecting precious power for ground control, real-time communications relay or a rugged Power Distribution Unit to manage power capacity in crowded spaces and extreme environments.

Who We Are

We are hardware, firmware and electrical engineers, product developers, operations experts, and business strategists. We are a diverse team from many different cultures around the world and together we focus on a single goal – to provide all our customers with the highest quality of rugged UPS products and features that meet tough military and ISO compliance standards.

While our products work “behind the scenes” in large military or industrial installations, they make an invaluable impact every-single-minute of the day by backing up your equipment during unexpected power failures, by ensuring clean, conditioned power and by protecting millions of dollars’ worth of mission-critical hardware investments.

We are here to provide you a significant, must-have advantage by maintaining standard operations during crucial times.

How We Do It

With headquarters located in Orange, California, IntelliPower has been designing and manufacturing cost effective Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and power conversion solutions to protect mission-critical applications since 1988. IntelliPower’s double conversion UPS, power conditioner and frequency/voltage conversion solutions utilize digitally controlled, high-efficiency power switching technology that has been field tested for over 32 years on numerous platforms.

Customers with demanding environments use IntelliPower products because of our proven record of providing outstanding solutions. IntelliPower’s in-house development proprietary circuit design, DSP firmware/software technology and wide range of enclosure designs, give our company unmatched capabilities to deliver systems configured to customer requirements backed by expert support.