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Electrical calibration standards for calibration lab and automated test stations such as multifunction calibrators, power/energy calibrator, current calibrator, impedance calibrator, precision programmable resistance, and capacitance decade boxes.

About Meatest

We develop and manufacture electrical calibration instruments for calibration laboratories and testing facilities in electronics, engineering, utility, aeronautics and telecommunications sectors. Designed for automated calibrations our instruments bring effective solutions to customers like NPL, Samsung, Siemens and Volkswagen. Metrological know-how also takes its part in our production of industrial electromagnetic flow meters.

Certified Manufacturer

Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 under UKAS certification rules. All new instruments are delivered with calibration certificate.

Made To Last

Development and instrument design in Meatest is focused on long-lasting durability. High quality components and precise manufacturing processes are key factors in cutting life-cycle costs.

Instruments For People

Even though our instruments are complex and powerful, user interface is always clear and easy. Come to one of our events and try it yourself.

Wherever You Are

Our representatives are at your service all over the world. Would you like to consult your solution with us? Get a quote? Training? Service? Let us know.

Calibration Software

To make your work a bit easier, Meatest has developed a calibration software designed to work with all calibration equipment at a reasonable price.

Flexible Solutions

Nothing on market to match your requirements? Or just missing critical feature in our instruments? Share with us and together we’ll surely come up with solution.