Bulk Power Source:
High Power AC Power Source

AMETEK BPS SeriesAMETEK Programmable Power is pleased to release the California Instruments BPS Series of high-power AC sources/frequency converters. Available with outputs ranging from 30 kVA to 180 kVA, the BPS Series is the latest series of products to use AMETEK’s high-performance, pulse-width modulation (PWM) switching technology to provide cost-effective solutions for AC power test applications. The BPS Series supports four different communications busses and has a powerful AC transient generation capability, making it ideal for commercial instrumentation manufacturing, automatic test stations, AC motor test, and avionic frequency conversion.

The California Instruments Mx and RS Series are high performance, feature rich Research and Development solution. That level of advanced performance is not always required in production and simple frequency conversion environments. Since the BPS shares common code structure and performance characteristics as the California Instruments Mx and RS, the BPS is ideally suited to easily transition into cost effective production and bulk power solutions.


Lead time: 10-12 weeks ARO

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