Testing Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors With The Anritsu MS2830A

TPMS sensor manufacturers need to verify each sensor meets spectrum, power and modulation specifications. Sensor systems need to be evaluated under “real world” conditions with multiple sensor signals, noise, and interference.

The Anritsu MS2830A Signal Analyzer as the perfect low-cost test solution for TPMS manufacturing. It can provide the needed measurements within just 0.1 second of a single TPMS transmission. Below are example displays from a single TPMS transmission.

Although the MS2830A product family can be optionally expanded to do much more, just the inexpensive 3.6 GHz frequency range model and a single option is all that is needed to provide the TPMS measurement capability shown above.

The 10 MHz capture bandwidth option provides the needed single event capture capability. It also provides the Frequency vs. Time, Power vs. Time, and Spectrogram analysis and display software. Until recently, expensive real time spectrum analyzers were needed to make the needed measurements on a single TPMS sensor transmission.

The Anritsu MS2830A provides this capability with just a single low cost option.

The Anritsu MS2830A offers exceptional power measurement accuracy to reduce test uncertainty. Exceptional measurement speed reduces test time.

GPIB, Ethernet, and USB connectivity are standard for integration of the MS2820A into a high speed manufacturing test station.

For engineering applications, The MS2830A can be expanded further to include a RF Vector Signal Generator that can transmit a TPMS RF signal bursts.

TPMS signals can be captured with the analyzer and then replayed on the generator. Interfering signals can be added to evaluate overall TPMS system performance under a variety of “real world” conditions.

Please contact your SMA Solution Partner for more information or a demonstration of the MS2830A Signal Analyzer.

You may download the article in pdf format here:Anritsu TPMS MS2830A PDF.