C.C.T chambers provide the closest comparison to “real world” laboratory testing for naturally occurring corrosion.

Equilam NA salt fog CCT 3000

Designed to meet corporate standards, with Low Temperature (LT) mode up to -20ºC. (Accessories optional: Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) mode: -40ºC).

Available volumes: 1,300 – 3,000 – 5,000 liters (others on request).

Equilam NA Salt Spray Ciclico CCT 5000

Built to meet International Standards:

GMW 14872, SAE J 2334, VOLVO VCS 1027,149, VOLVO STD 423-0014,SCANIA STD 4319, FORD CETP: 00.00-L-467, HONDA-CCT- Basic e Strutural Mode.

KIA-HYUNDAI-CCT – Method A, B e C, Volkswagen- PV1210, MERCEDES BENZ-CCT-VDA 621-415, BMW-CCT-PA-P 029, NISSAN – CCT I – CCT II e CCT IV, Renault D17 2028-D, Peugeot / Citroen.
Equilam NA Salt Fog walk-in drive-in

Specification sheet CCT AUTO_Rev.06
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Specification Sheet C.C.T (Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber) WALK IN AUTO Series
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