Lumistar has been chosen by Wichita State University’s National Institute of Aircraft Research (NIAR) organization to provide the Telemetry Tracking, Receiving and Data Processing Systems for Flight Testing/Data Collection in the “Supersonic Transportation Corridor” (SSTC) in Kansas.

The Kansas SSTC is a 770-nautical-mile racetrack-shaped corridor at or above an altitude of 39,000 feet. The SSTC gives innovators like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Aerion, Spike and Boom Aerospace the airspace necessary to test aircraft designs that reduce the impact of sound on nearby communities. Brock said the Kansas supersonic corridor also offers logistical advantages by being the first and only such commercial supersonic flight test route in the nation’s interior.

KDOT has partnered with Wichita State University’s NIAR to collect noise data and live telemetry from the aircraft that will be used by both the FAA and aircraft manufacturers to evaluate performance.

Lumistar will design, develop and install ground systems capable of capturing the RF Telemetry from the supersonic flight test platforms, thus allowing the Flight Test engineers on the ground to monitor and record the real-time progress of the flights. Lumistar will partner with Curtis-Wright IADS, which will provide the real-time telemetry display and analysis software.

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