Measurement Science And The Environment

NCSLI: Measurement Science and the Environment
Workshop & Symposium
Swan & Dolphin | Orlando, Florida

July 28 – 31, 2014
July 25 – 27 Tutorial Program
July 27 – 30 Exhibition Hall

More than ever, engineers are being called on to develop new measurement techniques, lower system tolerances and produce higher quality results to support advancements in such areas as energy production and distribution, manufacturing processes and techniques, and healthcare diagnostics and treatment — all of which directly impact our environment.

NCSL International welcomes papers from engineers, metrologists, scientists, statisticians, technicians and related personnel that present recent results from their work activities in the areas of measurement science and the environment. Potential topics include new or improved test and measurement techniques, measurement standards and traceability, statistical process and evaluation, measurement accuracy and uncertainty analysis, laboratory management and accreditation, and advances in measurement science.

History Of NCSL International

Formed 50 years ago at the request and sponsorship of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology to promote cooperative efforts for solving the common problems faced by measurement and testing laboratories, NCSL International today is internationally recognized by academic, scientific, industrial, commercial, and government facilities in many countries as the leader in measurement science organizations. This wide representation of experience provides members a rich opportunity to exchange ideas, techniques, and innovations with others engaged in measurement science.

NCSL International, working with NIST and other National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) around the world, makes recommendations for the advancement of measurement science to fill the needs of metrology and testing labs. It also provides guidance documents and metrological standards to help its members meet current technology and management needs.

NCSL International is a nonprofit organization, whose membership is open to any organization or individual with an interest in the science of measurement, and its application in research, development, education, or commerce. NCSLI is composed of organization and individual members in twenty-three active regions around the world, and has liaisons from many other metrology organizations integrated into its board of directors.

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