Southeastern Electricity Metering Association (SEMA) Presents

The 87th Annual Short Course & Conference

Orlando, FL | November 5-7, 2012
General Information

This 3-day event will benefit beginning as well as experienced metering, energy management, customer service and power quality personnel by providing an opportunity to learn new solutions to common problems and to discuss new technologies with representatives of the utility industry.

Who Should Attend
  • Metering Personnel
  • Managers of Metering, Customer Relations and other Technology Departments
  • Energy Management and Revenue Protection Personnel
  • Energy Auditors and Analysts
  • Electrical Contractors and Engineers
  • Manufacturers of Electrical Equipment
  • All Persons Seeking Knowledge in the Power Area
About The Southeastern Electricity Metering Association (SEMA)

The 1920’s saw a boom in electric consumption as people became more comfortable using electricity. Consequently, the appliances that could be driven by electricity multiplied. This coupled with the recently mandated metered rate, which replaced the per-lamp or flat rate, created a need for utility personnel to understand more about metering.

To answer this need, a group of engineers gathered at the University of Florida in 1925 and chartered what is now the Southeastern Electricity Metering Association (SEMA). Originally the Southeastern Meterman’s Association, the name was changed in 1989 to reflect the changing times. Except for two years during World War II, the association has met annually ever since it’s founding, making it the oldest continually meeting association dedicated to the electricity metering industry.

Qualifications For Membership
Municipalities & Investor Owned Utilities:

Those actively engaged in some phase or practice of electric metering or connected with that department responsible for the application, testing, or maintenance of the major or related devices, associated in particular with those towns or cities which own & operate their own municipal plant or distribution system.

Rural Electric Cooperative Association:

Those actively engaged in some phase or practice of Electric Metering or connected with that department responsible for engineering, application, testing or maintenance of the major or related devices.


Those representatives of any manufacturing company who may be engaged in the manufacture of meters, instruments or related devices to the metering art, and who are actively engaged in the engineering, application or sale of such devices.

About The Florida Power Affiliates Program And Power Quality Lab

The Florida Power Affiliates (FPA) is a University of Florida power engineering program. The program offers continuing education and technical support for electric power. All individuals interested in electric power are invited to get involved; whether it be full time, part time, or by interaction through consulting and project work. Organizations and companies are welcome to apply for membership in the FPA’s electric power engineering program.

FPA Program Features:
  • Power quality and power electronic systems laboratory. This is the only lab in the world with the capability of generating 3-phase arbitrary power level voltages and currents to apply to power systems, and devices such as meters, transformers, motors, drives and lights. The lab performs both physical testing and computer simulation of steady-state and dynamic situations in the power system.
  • Comprehensive electric power engineering program with 16 courses ranging from undergraduate to graduate levels in the department of electrical and computer engineering.
  • Short courses and conferences.
  • Consulting and project work for individuals and firms.
  • Remote monitoring anywhere worldwide via telephone lines using advanced and outdoor hardened instruments to measure volts, curent, power quality, etc.
Recent Projects At The FPA Power Quality Lab Include:
  • Flexible-Reliable-Intelligent Electric Energy Delivery System
  • Unbundled Power Quality Services.* Hierarchical Control With Flexible AC Transmission Devices
  • Revenue Meter Accuracy Under Controlled Unbalanced Harmonic Voltage & Current Conditions
  • A Comprehensive Harmonic Study of Electronic Ballast and Their Effect On a Utilities 12KV, 10 MVA Feeder
  • Measurement of Electrical Power Inputs to Solid State Motor Drives
  • Custom Power and Power Quality Research Programs.* Photovoltaic Heat Pump Development
  • Electric Vehicle Impacts on Distribution Systems.* Wavelet Applications in Power Systems

These projects represent areas which are impacting both customers and utilities. Our lab and power program, and thus our students, are on the cutting edge in these areas. Your firm is welcome to submit other projects for study.


University of Florida CEU Processing (included in fee). You must sign in to every session which you attend to receive credit for CEU’s. A maximum of 20 contact hours are available for attending one course per hour for the entire conference. Attendance is taken and the number of contact hours are calculated commensurately with the attendance sheet.

To register or learn more about the SEMA 87th Annual Short Course & Conference please visit: